My Story

Recognised as an award winning coach, trainer and practitioner in the health and fitness industry, it has helped me use my platform to listen to a lot of people around the world.

The power of listening can often be overlooked with modern day quick fixes, promises and programs,With Middle Eastern roots, educated in Europe and working in places like Africa and the Middle Eastern has increased the colours on my palette to understand the different textures in life.

With opportunity comes experience and with experience comes a lot fo learning which helped me grow as a person and a coach.

From being fortunate enough to share memories with the Ghana national team at the African nations cup attaining a bronze medal to coaching at the biggest stage in the world-The U20 World Cup.

Studying physical and human behaviour became somewhat of a passion because I want to help people grow and feel better.

My Projects


International Football Coach

I read once that there’s no such thing as failure but opportunity to grow and that has been the moral of my story in football coaching.

Being able to represent two international football teams in the United Arab Emirates Women's team and the mens Ghanian football team has been a true blessing.Its not just being fortunate enough to work with different genders but different cultures, religious beliefs and backgrounds.

There are things that school can’t teach you and I truly believe this is something that I’m eternally grateful for. Developing Women's football in the Middle East has been a great challenge and one I have embraced over the last decade.

My ambitions in football are endless as I continue to coach teams from grassroots to professional levels. I am currently on-route to completing the Uefa B licence coaching certificate.

Founder of Reset

Mental fitness is now being acknowledged as the most powerful tool to master when maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. Just like physical fitness it requires practice daily.

I created RESET based on scientific studies simplified to make movement fun and sustainable. The domino system has influenced and impacted not just people but corporate organisations on practicing these tools in order to achieve life changing results.

As part of the RESET mission I want to educature as many people & organisations as possible through seminars and workshops globally and show how the 5 dominoes can make the difference

Presenter @ Pulse 95 Radio

The half time show is an hour radio show I love hosting on Pulse 95 radio which is the first English speaking radio station in Sharjah.

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Presenting all global and local sports headlines, as well as topics heavily centred on mental health, nutrition, and physical well-being.

Use the following links to watch the show and keep up with me!

Reset Podcast

Reset is an organic podcast which brings on personalities globally to discuss the 5 dominos in the book. From mental health to how they personally Reset it covers a lot of daily topics we face in every day life.

The guests offer their unique taste to the how which adds so much value to the listener.

I use this platform to raise awareness on topics we all face and look for inspiration in the fantastic guests brought on.